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Man says contractor’s fraud cost him his home

On Behalf of | May 26, 2017 | Firm News, White Collar Crimes |

Contractors in Baton Rouge have a difficult job. It can be hard to please their clients, and many customers have unreasonable expectations. Allegations of fraud happen frequently. Contractors are generally skilled people who know how to help their customers with their building needs. But, occasionally a customer does not receive what they think they should, and a contractor finds themselves in a legal battle.

A Baton Rouge man says he had to sell his home because a contractor allegedly defrauded him of almost $70,000. The man hired the contractor to repair his flooded home located on Elva Drive. The man paid the contractor $69,000, and the contractor did replace sheetrock. The contractor allegedly did not finish the work in the house, which included installing cabinets. The man said he had to sell his home because he could not afford to hire another contractor to complete the job. The contractor was arrested for residential contractor fraud, theft of assets from an aged person and misapplication of payment.

A contractor who has been accused of fraud needs a strong legal defense team. These allegations can negatively affect a contractor’s professional reputation and hurt their business prospects. An attorney who specializes in white collar crimes can help their client with the complicated details of a fraud investigation. They understand what is at stake for their client and have the experience necessary to defend their client’s legal rights. The penalties for a fraud conviction are severe in Louisiana and it is not worth taking a chance.

A person who is being accused of fraud in Louisiana knows how serious these charges are. Penalties for a fraud conviction include thousands of dollars in fines and even jail time, along with a ruined personal and professional reputation. These are life-changing events where effective legal representation is needed.

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