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Drug charges do not always result in a conviction

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2017 | Drug Charges, Firm News |

When thinking about illicit drugs and the effect they can have on a person’s life, the consequences can get serious fairly quickly. Besides a person’s health and family life, there could potentially be legal consequences if a person is arrested and charged with a crime. However, notice that these are all potential consequences. Not all drug charges end in a conviction for those crimes alleged.

There is an array of charges one could be accused of that are related to illicit drugs. Drug trafficking is one of the more serious charges since those charges can come with potentially serious consequences and punishments. Other charges, like possession charges, do carry consequences but drug trafficking is typically more severe. It’s very likely a person charged with drug trafficking can also be charged with possession.

It’s entirely possible that a drug charge could be dismissed. At Damico & Stockstill Attorneys at Law, we have had a hand in the granting of suppression motions, dismissals of charges and jury verdicts of favorable and sometimes outright acquittal verdicts. Sometimes plea deals are also a great option, as to plead guilty to a lesser charge can mean a greatly reduced sentence. However, every instance involving drug charges is different and should be handled as such.

Whatever the situation, every person has the right to an attorney when charged with a crime. We recommend not even speaking with the authorities until you have an attorney present. Then, we can be sure your best interests are represented. Drug trafficking is a particularly serious charge and should be treated as such.