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Asserting a strategic defense against white collar crimes

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2017 | Firm News, White Collar Crimes |

Not all crimes involve drugs, weapons and violence. Some could occur in the workplace, making it difficult for some to view these crimes as serious. Nonetheless, white collar crimes can have severe repercussions. This is especially true if the supposed crime occurred in the work environment. Those accused of fraud or embezzlement occurring in the workplace are not only facing criminal penalties but also consequences that impact his or her personal and professional reputation. Thus, it is important to take these accusations seriously, determining the best course of action and what defense options are available to you.

Because most white collar crimes involve allegations of fraud, defendants are often focused on clearing their name and avoiding the penalties associated with this accusation. At Damico & Stockstill Attorneys at Law, our law firm is dedicated to helping individuals in the Baton Rouge area assert a defense. With over three decades of experience, our attorneys are focused on ensuring our clients understand their situation and what defense options are available to them.

No matter the crime you are accused of, our law firm has the resources necessary to conduct a full investigation of the allegations. This means going through data, collecting documents and information, talking to witnesses and consulting with financial experts. Our goal is to gain a full and complete picture of the matter, helping to develop a defense strategy that will poke holes in the state’s case.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s white collar crime website. It is never easy being accused of a crime; however, when an individual is facing a criminal charge that relates to their position in the workplace, this can be significantly detrimental to their reputation. Thus, it is important to initiate an aggressive and strategic defense as soon as possible.