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Passenger of vehicle faces 12 drug charges

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2017 | Drug Charges, Firm News |

Traffic stops can be the source of drug charges. In fact, it is not only the driver of an automobile that could face allegations of a drug crime. Anyone traveling in the vehicle could endure the consequences of a drug crime; however, anyone accused of such a crime has the ability to assert a defense.

According to recent reports, a traffic stop in Louisiana resulted in two individuals facing criminal allegations. Based on preliminary reports, this traffic stop has resulted in an officer-involved shooting while the vehicle was stopped on Highway 3033 near Elkins Road in West Monroe.

Louisiana State Troopers claim that the driver of the vehicle attempted to drive away during the traffic stop, which resulted in a deputy that was hanging onto the vehicle to be dragged. At some point during this incident, officers fired their weapons. This resulted in the suspect being shot and killed. The passenger of this vehicle was arrested following this incident because he was found with a small amount of drugs on his person.

A warrant was later issued, and the man was arrested a few days later following a search of his home. This search apparently resulted in officers finding several small bags of meth, a loaded syringe and two digital scales. He is now facing twelve drug charges, ten of them being felonies.

When individuals are faced with drug crimes, it is important to not only understand the circumstances surrounding the charges but also whether any criminal defense options are available to them. By challenging evidence, a search warrant or claiming an illegal stop, a defendant could have their charges reduced or dismissed, ultimately helping them to avoid serious penalties.

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