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What is drug trafficking?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2017 | Drug Charges, Firm News |

Drug crimes can come in a wide variety of forms. For most Louisiana residents, when they hear drug crime, they likely think of drug dealing or drug possession charges. While these are both common types of drug charges, this does not mean they are minor criminal charges. In fact, these alleged crimes, depending on the surrounding facts and criminal background of the accused, could result in very severe consequences if a conviction ensues. Even more so, these charges could expand or extend to a larger drug charge known as drug trafficking, which could result in very harsh penalties.

What is drug trafficking? Drug trafficking is more than the transportation of illegal narcotics. It involves the selling, transportation and importation of controlled substances. Drug trafficking is a felony and is a much more serious crime than drug possession.

If a person is accused of drug trafficking, this means that the alleged offender intends to sell the large amount of drugs in their possession. In other cases, trafficking and distribution charges could result if authorities discover that the accused is in possession of a large amount of drugs as well as a large amount of cash.

Drug trafficking can have many working parts; however, if authorities believe that you had a hand at any part of the process, drug trafficking charges could ensue. Thus, it is important to understand what evidence the state has collected and if the evidence was collected legally.

A defense against a drug trafficking charge could include steps to suppress evidence. Without the necessary evidence to prove the elements of the crime, a defendant could face a lesser charge or have the charges dismissed altogether.

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