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Woman faces attempted murder charges after grocery store incident

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Firm News, Murder & Other Homicide Crimes |

Misunderstandings between people in Louisiana occur all the time. Sometimes they are minor bumps in the road of life, and people quickly get over them. Other times they are more serious, leading to verbal arguments in which one or both sides feels angry or insulted. And, sometimes, they cumulate in one person accusing the other of causing them physical harm in an argument.

A Louisiana woman is facing charges of attempted murder after allegedly stabbing another woman at an area grocery store. The woman who was stabbed claimed the accused started a fight in the grocery store after the woman’s sister had phoned the police on her claiming she broke into her house.

After a verbal altercation at the store, the accused reportedly took out a knife and slashed the woman on the face. The accused also reportedly stabbed the woman’s back, chest and hand. The accused was identified by the woman via a photographic line-up, after which the accused was placed under arrest.

Murder charges, even attempted murder charges, are incredibly serious. A conviction could mean years, decades or even life behind bars. And, should one be released from prison, they will carry the stigma of being a convicted felon on their criminal records, marring their future opportunities to obtain housing and employment. Of course, there are defenses that can be made to attempted murder charges. What these defenses are vary based on the facts of the case, and no two cases are exactly alike. Therefore, those who are facing murder charges or attempted murder charges may want to discuss their situation with a criminal defense attorney, who can assess the situation and assist the accused in developing a solid defense strategy in their favor.

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