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Two arrested in Louisiana for Medicaid fraud

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Firm News, White Collar Crimes |

We all have told a lie at some point. Some of these situations are extremely minor, causing little to no ramification. However, some lies are more serious than telling someone a white lie to boost their emotions. Some lies or acts of deceit could result in a person facing criminal charges. Fraud allegations are serious and should be treated as such. Therefore, defendants should take the time to understand their situation and how best to go about developing a defense that could help them clear their name.

According to recent reports, the Louisiana Attorney general reported that two individuals were arrested for Medicaid fraud. Authorities arrested a 54-year-old man on four counts of Medicaid fraud. Based on allegations, the man provided false service logs for times he was working as a fulltime teacher. This amounted to $6,937.29 paid by Medicaid for services not rendered.

The second person accused for Medicaid fraud was a 27-year-old female. She was arrested for two counts of Medicaid fraud. Apparently she falsified timesheets and service logs. This overlapped services for two clients. This amounted to $674.12 paid by Medicaid for services not rendered.

Being accused of fraud could mean a lot of things for a defendant. Such a charge could impact their life in many ways. Thus, a criminal defense is a vital choice to make, as it could help challenge evidence and provide you perspective on the matter. Those facing fraud charges should understand that legal options are available. It is possible to assert a criminal defense, helping the accused clear their name or possibly reduce the penalties against them.


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