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Whether we read it in the news or see it on TV, it is clear that drug crimes are taken seriously. Be it minor possession charges or allegations of a drug ring, state and federal law enforcement in Louisiana and elsewhere are hard on these crimes. Due to this, defendants are often faced with various charges related to the offense, resulting in potential penalties that could impact the accused’s personal and professional life.

While the prosecution is attempting to see what charges will stick by charging the alleged offender with every crime possible, it is important for defendants to understand that many of these charges will drop on their own because there is not enough evidence. And for the charges that remain, it is possible to poke holes in the case, as the evidence piling up against the accused could be challenged and suppressed.

At Damico & Stockstill, Attorneys at Law, our skilled legal team understands how overwhelming criminal charges can be. Thus, we take the time to explain the matter fully to our clients, helping them realize what options they have when it comes to asserting a defense.

Drug charges typically have evidence that points to possession, an attempt to distribute an illegal substance or being part of a large drug franchise. No matter the evidence or the allegations, it is possible to challenge the charge by disproving the elements of the alleged crime. Whether that means proving lack of knowledge, lack of intent or illegal search and seizure, our attorneys take the time to ensure a sound and strong defense against the charges.

To learn more, one can visit out our law firm’s drug charges website. When you are dealing with an overwhelming situation, such as drug charges, it is important to understand what rights are afforded to you and what steps you can take to assert a strong defense against these allegations that could damage your reputation.