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Louisiana DUI: It can ruin your career

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It simply wouldn’t be realistic to expect every person to go through life without ever making a bad decision that he or she later might regret. In fact, you’ve likely done so at some point in life and you might make a poor judgment call again in the future. The implications of your decisions depend on the events surrounding them. Some poor choices are easier to rise above than others are.

For instance, if you are a student at one of Louisiana’s colleges or universities and you stay out all night partying with friends, then get low grades on a test because you did not study, you might recognize your own mistake and try to do better the next time. However, if, while partying, a police officer arrests you and you face DUI charges, that’s a whole other story.

DUI carries immediate and possible long-term consequences

As soon as a potential DUI situation starts to unfold, you may begin feeling the stress such situations often cause. The following list includes numerous negative repercussions you might incur if you drink alcohol then get behind the wheel of a car to drive:

  • You might be embarrassed if you have to call your family to tell them you’re in jail. You might also have to ask someone for money to help you get out of jail.
  • Whether you’re a college student or an adult already living out a career, if the state suspends your driver’s license, you’ll not only have trouble getting where you need to go, you might wind up losing your job if  transportation becomes a problem.
  • Especially if you were involved in a collision before the police officer arrived at the scene, your insurance premiums may increase, causing financial strain.
  • You’ll likely have other costs associated with the incident as well.
  • If you happen to be a commercial vehicle operator, you might incur a CDL suspension or revocation for charges alone, regardless whether or not the court hands down a conviction.
  • If you are a college student, a DUI may cost you your enrollment if there’s an honor code at your school.

Not only might you have to miss work to attend court hearings, if you lose your job, you might have trouble finding another. When a prospective employer sees a drunk driving conviction on your record, your application might be passed over. Not every charge leads to conviction, however. In fact, you might have grounds to request a case dismissal.

Building a strong defense

Facing DUI charges in Louisiana is definitely no small matter; however, it doesn’t necessarily have to ruin your career or your life. Many people are able to mitigate their circumstances by knowing which defense strategy to implement in court. There may be several options available, so it’s always a good idea to seek guidance from someone well versed in criminal law before choosing a course of action.