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Are you facing problems in college that are alcohol related?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Firm News |

Do you know that many Louisiana college students and others throughout the nation say that they experienced peer pressure to drink alcohol within days of their arrivals on campus? If you can relate to that, you may have firsthand experience with some of the consequences of alcohol consumption in college.  

If you are 21 or older, you can legally buy and consume alcohol unless the court has restricted your privileges from some reason. It’s no secret, however, that college drinking often gets out of hand. It cannot only cause health problems but can also have an adverse impact on your scholastic career as well — not to mention the fact that it can land you in jail.  

Weighing the balance   

Not every drinking incident necessarily has to disrupt your life in a negative way. You may be one of many college students who makes responsible and legally acceptable choices regarding alcohol. It never hurts to keep the following issues in mind, however, as one or more may prompt problems in your life at some point if you consume alcohol in college:  

  • You no doubt entered college with certain academic goals in mind. If your drinking habit gets out of hand, your grades may quickly plummet, thus making it inevitably more difficult or even impossible to achieve your goals. 
  • Anyone who has ever had a hangover understands how “not fun” it is. You may have a difficult time focusing on your studies if you have a severe headache or upset stomach and can barely pick your head up off your pillow in the morning. 
  • If you’re intoxicated, you might get clumsy; it happens to a lot of people who drink. This can lead to personal injury if you stumble down stairs, trip off a curb or bump into a solid object while trying to walk. 
  • You hopefully have taken some self-defense courses before or during your college career. Keep in mind that consuming alcohol may lower your inhibitions and make you more vulnerable, which may put you at greater risk for assault. 
  • If you get behind the wheel of a car to drive after drinking alcohol, a police officer may pull you over and claim to find probable cause to arrest you for drunk driving, which can lead to a whole host of legal problems that may or may not end in your favor. 
  • Many college students develop illnesses and adverse health conditions related to alcohol, such as liver disease or high blood pressure. 

If you drink alcohol in college, is it certain that you will experience these issues? No, it isn’t; however, it is far more likely that you might as opposed to completing your college career without alcohol consumption. Then again, if you relax by having a few drinks with friends in your free time, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are breaking the law or doing something that will cause permanent damage to your health. 

Know where to seek support       

It’s often possible to get your life back on track by simply changing your habits and making different choices in college. If you are struggling with addiction, speaking to a trusted friend, your parents or a licensed counselor might help; you can ask college administrators what types of programs are available on campus. You can also reach out for legal support if needed.