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Studies show binge drinking is popular in Louisiana colleges

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If you are a student at a Louisiana college or university, you likely look forward to enjoying the free time you get to spend with friends. After all, the rigors of collegiate academics can be stressful and tiring, and it’s only natural that you would be eager for rest and relaxation when you are not in classes or studying for exams. It’s no secret that the college social scene often includes alcohol.  

Even if you’re age 21 or older, it can still lead to problems if a police officer pulls you over for suspected drunk driving or trouble breaks out at a party you’re attending and cops come and take everyone there into custody. In such situations, it is critical that you understand your rights and know how to protect them. However, to avoid such problems to begin with, it may be helpful to analyze why drinking is so popular in college. 

Perhaps you can relate to these issues 

Current statistics show that approximately four out of five college students imbibe alcohol, and half of those engage in binge drinking. The following list includes reasons college students often cite when asked what their reasons are for consuming alcohol on or off campus:  

  • Many college students say that the effects of alcohol in their bodies help them to feel relaxed, which is a feeling they seek, especially after a stressful week of classes. 
  • Feelings of relaxation reportedly go hand-in-hand with confidence in social situations. Many college students say they feel more socially comfortable when they have a drink in hand. 
  • You may be among those who got into the college drinking habit when you first arrived, perhaps because you felt homesick and were looking for a way to fit into your new surroundings. 
  • Since studies show that more than 40 percent of high school seniors have already consumed alcohol, it is not surprising that they then continue the habit in college. 
  • Peer pressure doesn’t end in high school either. Some college students say they started drinking because their friends pressured them into it. 

The potential problems associated with alcohol consumption in college include physical issues, academic decline and, sometimes, legal problems as well. If you are currently facing the latter, you will have your work cut out to try to avoid conviction if Louisiana prosecutors charge you with DUI, underage drinking or some other criminal offense.  

The road ahead 

A momentary lapse in judgement or an ongoing addiction need not necessarily destroy your college career. There are strong support networks in place to help you overcome substance abuse problems and to help you get things back on track when alcohol-related issues have caused legal problems in your life.