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Two men arrested after traffic stop reveals 8 pounds of cocaine

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2018 | Drug Charges, Firm News |

There is a wide range of events that could lead to an arrest, and such an arrest could be related to a sudden stop by law enforcement. Whether it is a traffic stop or a stop conducted at a residence or on the street, a search may occur. When a search is conducted, this could reveal certain items the suspect is in possession of. If the accused is found in possession of an illegal substance, he or she could be charged with a drug crime.

According to recent reports, two Mississippi men are facing drug charges following a traffic stop in Baton Rouge. Preliminary investigation revealed that the two were arrested after Louisiana Sate Police troopers pulled over a pickup truck on Interstate 10. During the traffic stop, officers purported that they became suspicious, leading them to search the vehicle.

During the vehicle search, officers uncovered three packaged bricks, which appeared to be cocaine. Officers later weighed the alleged drugs and reported that they weighed roughly 8 pounds. The two men, ages 27 and 40, were arrested and booked for drug charges. The exact charges were not reported at this time.

When facing a drug crime, it is important for the accused to fully understand their situation. This means going through the details of the stop, search and arrest. Because law enforcement are required to follow a specific process, if they failed to do so or missed a step, this could call into question the legality of the search. In turn, it may be possible to suppress evidence used to charge a defendant. Ultimately, this could result in reduced or dismissed charges.