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What are the consequences of a DUI in Louisiana?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Drunk Driving, Firm News |

Being pulled over in Louisiana and other states is not an enjoyable experience. No one wants to face a traffic ticket; however, this is a common occurrence on the roadways. In some cases, motorists are accused of more than just speeding or failing to stop at a stop sign. Some are accused of driving while intoxicated. Such an allegation could carry with it serious penalties, making it imperative for motorists to consider their options to get the charge reduced and even dismissed.

What are the consequences of a DUI in Louisiana? Depending on the circumstances surrounding the drunk driving allegations, a motorist could ensure a wide range of penalties and criminal consequences. In matters where a motorist is place on probation, in the state of Louisiana, one must not operate a vehicle during the period of probation unless the vehicle is equipped with a functioning ignition interlock device.

Motorists that have a driver’s license suspended, revoked or cancelled, any motor vehicle owned must be equipped with a functioning ignition interlock device. Additionally, the motorists must be issued a restricted drivers license. One should note that if this is their blood alcohol concentration is 0.22 or above, certain restrictions apply. This includes having an ignition interlock device.

A drunk driving conviction does not only mean the possibility of an ignition interlock device but could also mean hefty fines and even jail time. Because of this, it is vital to explore the charges further, understand the potential consequences so the defense options can be the main area of focus.