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Authorities locate 138 pounds of marijuana during search

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | Drug Charges, Firm News |

There are various reasons to have a search warrant executed on a person or a place. When law enforcement in Louisiana and elsewhere suspect that a person has committed a crime, officers can take steps to uncover evidence to prove these suspicions. However, these need to be properly obtained and executed when trying to charge one with crimes such as drug crimes.

According to recent reports, the narcotics unit in Quachita Parish executed a search warrant on the residence of a man in Monroe. As authorities were executing the warrant, the suspect fled his residence located on Foster Street.

During their search, Louisiana authorities seized roughly 138 pounds of marijuana that was supposedly packaged in heat-sealed packaging. It was determined that the street value of the drugs seized is around $1.3 million. In addition to locating marijuana in the residence, authorities also uncovered fourteen guns and over 3,000 rounds of ammunition.

During the search, authorities arrested a 20-year-old female that had her one-year-old child with her. She as charged with the illegal carrying of a weapon in the presence of narcotics, possession with the intent to distribute and having a controlled substance in the presence of a minor. Authorities are still looking for the man that fled the residence during the search.

Being accused of a drug crime is not an easy predicament to be in. Whether there is much or little evidence against the accused, the situation can be overwhelming. Thus, it is vital to take the time to fully understand the charges against the defendant. This not only helps the accused understand the seriousness of the matter, but it also helps them explore what defense options they have to help clear his or her name.