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What is mail fraud and how you can you defend yourself?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | White Collar Crimes |

Many people misunderstand the serious nature of white collar crimes. Because these types of crimes lack an element of violence, many people underestimate the steep penalties that can come with a conviction. If you are facing allegations of any type of white collar criminal activity or you are under investigation, you would be wise to act immediately to start developing your defense strategy.

Mail fraud is a type of white collar crime, and it is one of the most common types of financially motivated criminal offenses. This type of crime involves any use of the United States Postal Service to commit certain types of crimes. Because it involves the use of a federal agency, the USPS, this is a federal offense. The stakes are higher, and the penalties are more serious.

What should you know about mail fraud?

Mail fraud is exactly what it seems – it is a type of fraud committed by mailing something or using the USPS to deceive someone else. There are many types of activities authorities may consider mail fraud, including mailing fraudulent contracts, sending receipts about an illegal transaction or using mailed material to deceive someone into giving his or her sensitive financial information or money.

In order for the prosecution to have a valid case against you, there must be evidence that you used the federal postal system in any way to commit fraud in the following ways:

  • Selling, sending or distributing counterfeit materials
  • Using false pretenses to get money or information

The law views mail fraud as a serious criminal offense, and if you are convicted of this type of crime, you could face up to two decades in prison. You will also be subject to expensive fines, and you will have to deal with repercussions that may include loss of your job, housing opportunities, future employment and your personal reputation. 

Your future is worth protecting 

You do not have to fight back against these types of charges alone. It is smart to take immediate action to start learning about the case against you and how you can develop an effective defense. One of the first things you may want to do is to reach out to an experienced Louisiana attorney regarding an evaluation of your case. 

Regardless of your criminal history and other factors, your future is worth protecting. If you believe you could face mail charges soon or the prosecution has already filed formal charges, it is important to defend your fights and long-term interests.