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Is a Louisiana drug court an option for you?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Drug Charges |

Many people across Louisiana struggle with substance abuse. If you are among them, you may feel as if you lack the tools and guidance necessary to overcome your disorder and move forward with your life. You may, too, find that your substance abuse disorder has impacted your life in numerous negative ways. Many substance abusers across Louisiana wind up entering the criminal justice system after committing drug-related criminal acts. Many of those acts may never have happened if it were not for the substance abuser’s addiction. 

If you are facing drug charges in Louisiana and are fearful about potentially having to enter the state’s prison system, you may want to find out whether you may enroll in a state-run drug court. Per the Louisiana Supreme Court, drug courts combine several important community resources and serve two primary purposes. First, they hold substance abusers accountable for their actions. Second, they seek to reduce the strain on the criminal justice system by targeting what is often the root of criminal behavior: the substance abuse disorder itself. 

Louisiana’s drug courts 

The state of Louisiana currently operates several types of drug and treatment courts. There are typical adult drug courts in many parts of the state, and there are also drug courts intended for juveniles, veterans and substance-abusing parents looking to reunite with their families, among others. Different drug courts may help you accomplish different objectives, but most of them operate similarly and require you to undergo extensive treatment and regular drug testing. 

Benefits of drug court 

Completing drug court may lead to significant benefits. More than 90% of 2015’s Louisiana drug court graduates remained arrest-free three years later. Parents who graduate drug court are also more likely to deliver drug-free babies, saving communities as much as $11,500,000 annually. 

While not everyone is a candidate for drug court, if you can gain entry into one, you may find that it gives you the tools, resources and support you need to change your life.