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The state of drugs in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Drug Charges |

Controlled substance use is a constant focus for law enforcement. They keep an eye out for those distributing drugs, using them and bringing them into the area. With help from the federal government, local agencies seek to stay on top of drug issues in communities. 

The U.S. Department of Justice makes regular reports on the state of controlled substance use and reporting in the country. This annual report is helpful in assessing where Louisiana stands in comparison to other states. 


Perhaps the least concerning of all drugs at the state level, marijuana is also one of the most widely available controlled substances. It is possible to legally use and possess this drug for medical purposes in the state, even though it remains illegal at the federal level. 


While the availability of methamphetamines is high in the state, it is not a major concern for overdoses or home lab risks. 


Of moderate availability, cocaine may be seeing a resurgence in popularity in some areas of the country, which includes Louisiana. While it is not one of the states seeing a serious issue with this drug, it is becoming a concern as use is on the rise. 

Prescription drugs and opioids 

Prescription drugs are a serious issue in Louisiana. It is one of the five states that prescribe the highest number of controlled substances. Reducing the number of prescriptions may help to lower abuse rates, but it also leads to a concern that those abusing prescription drugs will switch to heroin or other opioids. 

Fentanyl issues are not high in Louisiana. It has a low number of reports of incidents involving this substance. Synthetic opioids are a bigger issue but still not a huge issue in the state when compared to other states. Heroin is a moderate concern for the state as the neighboring state, Texas, has serious issues with the drug which could affect Louisiana. However, these drugs often travel into the U.S. from Mexico, so it is possible for Louisiana to be part of the route by which they enter the country.