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The lasting consequences of college crimes

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Drug Charges |

Crimes committed during college years can have an impact that lasts far beyond a four-year term. In some cases, drug crimes, assault, DWI and other criminal charges can result in:

  • Expulsion or suspension from school: The institution’s disciplinary board has the power to expel or suspend students who break the law and the school’s code of conduct. The standard of proof for a college’s internal disciplinary proceedings is lower than that of a criminal court. Even if you are not found guilty in a court of law, your educational institution could take adverse action against you.
  • Barriers to obtaining a professional license: Many occupations require professional licensing, from airline pilots to medical practitioners. A mark on a person’s criminal record can raise barriers to obtaining licensure.
  • Problems finding employment: Even if your occupation does not require a professional license, a college criminal record will show up on background checks. In a competitive job market, this could spell the difference between getting a job getting left behind.

Present-day consequences

While college students are rightly concerned about the future, a criminal charge also has a sharp impact on the present. A DWI will result in license suspension, making it difficult for those who must travel to school and work. Fines for certain offenses can total hundreds and even thousands of dollars. A jail or prison sentence will derail your studies for the short and long term.

The law offers hope

If these consequences sound dire, there is reason for hope. Whether you are fighting a criminal charge in court or contesting a decision by your school’s disciplinary board, you have rights. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can guide you through the legal system and fight for your rights and your future every step of the way.