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Defending yourself after a second-degree murder charge

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Murder & Other Homicide Crimes |

Sometimes, mistakes can happen that could result in taking the life of another person in Louisiana. If you’re facing a second-degree murder charge, the consequences that you face could mean spending years in prison. It’s important to understand some of the details of the crime as well as possible defenses that could be used.

Defining the crime

In order to be charged with second-degree murder, you would need to take the life of another person without premeditation. This is among murder & other homicide crimes that often include the factor of having an indifference to human life compared to a crime of passion that’s often associated with manslaughter. You might not intend or plan to kill someone else, but when a situation arises that triggers an emotion or response, your actions could result in committing a murder. Reckless actions that you partake in could also cause the death of another person, such as shooting a gun in a crowded location or speeding through a parking lot full of people.

Common defenses

One of the defenses that could be used if you’re charged with second-degree murder is that there is a lack of substantial evidence. Police reports might not include all of the notes or could be generic in nature, leaving out vital information about the crime that could indicate that you are the one who committed the murder. Self-defense could also be used if you’re charged with the crime. If you feel that you’re life or the life of someone you love is threatened and you kill the person who is threatening you, then you could use self-defense to have the charges reduced or dismissed.

Although taking the life of another person is illegal, there are some circumstances that could result in a defense being used in court.