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Ways Social Security fraud can be committed

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2022 | White Collar Crimes |

Once you reach an age where you can retire in Louisiana, you’ll likely begin receiving Social Security benefits. While these benefits are often based on the income that a person has throughout their lifetime, there are acts that are sometimes committed to increasing these benefits that can be considered fraudulent.

False information

Social Security fraud, one of the white-collar crimes, can be committed when any kind of false information is provided. You might give false information when completing an application, such as the wrong income or details about how many people are in the home. Not providing information about being in prison or living in another state can also be considered fraud.

Managing funds

Sometimes, another person might need to complete an application for someone to receive Social Security benefits. That person could also be responsible for ensuring that the recipient gets the money that they need in order to pay their bills and maintain their home. When someone uses those funds for their own benefit, then it can be considered fraud. Examples include cashing a check that’s meant for the person receiving the benefits or taking money out of a bank account and using it to go on a vacation.

Employee crimes

Employees can commit fraud as well in the Social Security Administration. Information can be left off of an application or entered incorrectly in order to help someone receive more money. Social Security cards and bank information can also be stolen by employees for their benefit or to give to someone else who might not qualify for benefits.

Falsifying information, theft, and mismanagement of funds are just a few examples of Social Security fraud.