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Murder and the thoughts behind the crime

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Murder & Other Homicide Crimes |

After a murder is committed in Louisiana, you might ask questions about why it happened or how the person could commit a crime that takes another person’s life. While the person might not know exactly why they murdered someone, the psychology behind the events that take place is complicated.

Social skills

One theory behind murder and other homicide crimes is that the person who commits the crime lacks proper social skills or is antisocial in general. They might spend a lot of time alone or only interact with other people when they feel that they are forced to, such as at family functions or special events. When someone is not typically around other people in ways that allow them to properly communicate and interact, they might unleash their way of communicating in the form of murder if they do not understand other people.


Sometimes, emotions can take over a person’s mind, leading to the murder someone who is close to them or who makes a statement that triggers a raw emotion. The person might feel depressed or could experience feelings of jealousy or anger. These emotions can sometimes overtake the mind, inhibiting the knowledge of right versus wrong as well as the inability to control physical reactions toward other people.


At times, a person might commit homicide because of greed. They might see that the victim has the life that they want to have. They might want money or material possessions that another person has, resulting in murdering the person who has these items so that they can get what they want.

While murder could seem as though it’s a straightforward crime, what actually happens when someone takes another person’s life involves a lot of complexities that are often not well understood.