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Understanding serial killers

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2023 | Criminal Defense, Murder & Other Homicide Crimes |

Many people in Louisiana, and around the country, have seen movies and television shows that depict serial killers. The motivation of the killer is often examined. Some people are surprised to learn about the mentality of someone who kills multiple people over time.

The definition

With regard to murder and other homicide crimes, a serial killer typically takes the lives of three or more people over the course of two months. There could be a short period of time between each killing, but it is usually not longer than a few days or weeks. Sometimes, there are reasons behind murders that are committed, such as jealousy or fear.

Mental illness

When someone kills another person, it may be because they have a mental illness. This is not always the case for serial killers. They might do this for the pure satisfaction of seeing another person die. Another reason they could kill multiple people is that they have issues from their childhood that have not been resolved or dealt with in a healthy manner. Some killers are diagnosed with bipolar disorder or neurological conditions that inhibit logical decision-making.


There is often a fascination with serial killers, which is not always explained. People can observe their behaviors because they are curious about why and how someone can kill a human being. They could also feel some type of superiority because they decide to live a clean life instead of being filled with crime.

While many killers are seen as purely violent people, there are those in life who may have severe issues that no one understands. These issues could sometimes be enough to provide a defense when charged with a crime.