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Facing drug charges? You may need an attorney on your side

Drug crimes in Louisiana are aggressively prosecuted. When a person has been arrested for a drug crime, such as possession, trafficking, distribution or manufacturing, they can be facing a tough court battle. Those who are arrested for drug offenses need a legal professional on their side to represent their interests.

Drug dispute leads to 5 arrests in Baker

Drug offenses are getting a lot of attention in Louisiana lately. With the rise of prescription painkillers, heroin and other Opioid abuse, law enforcement has spent a lot of time cracking down on those engaged in drug activities. Drug offenses in Louisiana can carry serious penalties, including jail time.

Two women arrested for alleged assault

Being arrested for a serious crime can be a scary time for a defendant and their families. It can feel like everyone, including the public, media and law enforcement are against you. In these situations, having a criminal defense attorney on your side can be a valuable resource.

Baton Rouge resident arrested for murder of rapper

Murder is not a crime that is tolerated by Baton Rouge residents. Those who are arrested for murder can face an uphill battle in the court system. Murder is arguably the "worst" crime and one that can lead to decades in prison or even the death penalty.

Tax preparer arrested for fraud

A white collar crime such as fraud is something that no Baton Rouge residents wants to have associated with them. A fraud charge can bring serious penalties, such as thousands of dollars in fines and even jail time. These fraud charges are often covered in the media, bringing additional unwanted attention to a defendant.

Have you been accused of fraud? Turn to us for your legal needs

If you are facing allegations of embezzlement, fraud or other white collar crime in Louisiana, you may feel like you are in over your head. These are serious accusations that can affect every area of your life. When your future is on the line, it may be wise to turn to a law firm that has the experience necessary to take on your case.

Man arrested for Baton Rouge attempted murder

Attempted murder is a serious charge in Louisiana. Those who are accused of such a crime can face intense scrutiny from the media and the public. A person's personal and professional reputation can be ruined with just the mere accusation of attempted murder.

When should you accept a plea bargain?

Baton Rouge residents who are accused of a crime often have an attorney who works to negotiate with the prosecution. Often, a plea bargain is the result of these negotiations. So how does a person know if they should accept a plea bargain that is being offered to them?

Have you been arrested for drunk driving? We are on your side

Most Baton Rouge area residents know how important it is to be a safe driver. But, occasionally a person can make a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes and these mistakes can be serious. Drunk driving is a punishable offense that can cause a person to have serious consequences.

Police: local woman arranged "hit" on her child's father

As most Baton Rouge residents know, a person who is convicted of murder can face serious penalties such as a long prison sentence or even the death penalty. People accused of this sort of crime, or even an attempted murder, should secure experienced legal counsel.

Man accused of home construction fraud

The name "white collar crime" conjures up images of corporate boardrooms or executive offices, but in fact the category of white collar crimes can encompass a wide variety of working environments. Essentially, white collar crimes include any non-violent crimes committed in commerce for financial gain. It can include workplaces that are traditionally not otherwise considered to be for white-collar workers.

18 indicted in alleged heroin trafficking ring

Many drug cases involve a person who is arrested at a traffic stop or some other encounter in which police find drugs in the person's possession. However, often what police and prosecutors really want to do is not to arrest typical drug users, but to break up the rings of drug distribution.

What's the difference between manslaughter and murder?

We often hear the terms "involuntary manslaughter," "first-degree murder," and voluntary manslaughter, whether it's on television shows or in the newspaper. The distinctions between these terms are usually lost on the average person but they can make a world of difference to someone who's charged with them.

Suspect arrested in birthday shooting of teen

A 16-year-old's birthday party turned tragic last week when the 49-year-old father of the birthday boy mistakenly fired his gun, striking and killing the young man. The boy left his home in the morning to visit a friend's house on North Harrells Ferry Road in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Around 1 p.m., before the young man's party at the house, the father was playing with his gun and mistakenly discharged it, hitting the young man in the head.

Factors considered in aggravated assault charges

Aggravated assault is an assault which yields greater punishment from the law based on its severity. Several factors determine whether an assault will be heightened to an aggravated assault. These include the state and profile of the victim, the intent of the aggressor, the extent of harm caused and the utilization of a weapon. Commonly, aggravated assaults are classified as felonies, and regular assaults are classed as misdemeanors.

Tax evasion and how you may be guilty of it

Tax evasion is when a person or a company purposefully underpays its taxes. This applies to both people and companies. A distinction should be made between tax mistakes and tax evasion. For tax evasion, clear intent needs to be shown. The processing of taxes can be very complicated, and mistakes are common. It is recommended that the tax form is filed properly but just because a mistake is made does not mean that you are guilty of tax evasion. The IRS must prove your guilt and show to the court that you have made these errors purposefully with the intent of tax evasion. In the case of a mistake, the amount of tax due must be paid. In some cases, a fine must be paid as well, but a criminal trial is evaded.

How to know whether you're guilty of drug manufacturing

Manufacture of illicit drugs is a felony which may lead to heavy fines and severe jail time. Both state and federal law contain a provision dealing with the issue of drug manufacturing. Those selling specialized equipment or merely providing assistance may also be guilty of the offense.

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