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A DUI conviction may violate your college’s code of conduct

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2019 | Drunk Driving |

Few periods of life are more exciting than the college years. After all, not only does college provide an in-depth education into a subject that interests you, but it also offers a great opportunity to meet life-long friends and mentors. Still, there is a good chance your college has a code of conduct. If you drink and drive, your behavior may run afoul of these guidelines.

Drinking and driving in Louisiana is a mistake. If your blood alcohol content is above the state’s 0.08% legal limit, you may face consequences that range from a driver’s license suspension to jail time. Depending on the language of your educational institution’s code of conduct, you may also encounter a variety of educational consequences.

Lost scholarship money 

If you are fortunate, your scholarship money may not have behavior strings attached to it. Unfortunately, though, many scholarship programs require winners to behave legally and morally. As such, following a DUI conviction, you may lose scholarship funds. You may also lose your spot on a sports or scholastic team.

Suspension or expulsion 

Your college may have a zero-tolerance policy for drunk driving. As such, if you receive a DUI, school administrators may suspend you for a semester or expel you permanently. Even if you manage to remain enrolled, college officials may place a reprimand letter in your scholastic file. This letter may follow you when seeking admission to a graduate program or applying for a position in the workforce.

Mandatory alcohol programs 

In college, you are likely to feel busier than ever. If you violate Louisiana’s DUI laws, though, your school may require you to complete an alcohol awareness or rehabilitation program. Not only must you find the time to do so, but you are likely to pay steep costs to complete the course.

A DUI conviction has more than legal penalties. On the contrary, if you are in college or planning to attend one, you may face a variety of educational consequences, as well. Therefore, you must always fight drunk driving charges aggressively to protect your educational future.