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College athletes in Baton Rouge can easily wind up in legal trouble

College is a great time, and partying can help athletes unwind, but sometimes it leads to criminal charges.

With college students pouring back into Baton Rouge to resume their studies, there is a certain electricity in the air. Part of the excitement of college life is reuniting with peers, having shared experiences and cheering on the home team – and football season is already upon us.

But, while sports are a definitive aspect of the college experience, there is a tremendous amount of pressure placed on the athletes themselves. It is only natural for a college athlete to want to blow off a little steam after a big game, win or lose. But sometimes the mix of pressure and a party atmosphere can lead to bad decisions that land a college athlete in trouble.

Drugs and alcohol often precede questionable decisions

Perhaps the most ubiquitous category of college crimes falls under the subheading of “alcohol.” It is no surprise to anyone that a great deal of drinking occurs on and around college campuses, not just in Louisiana, but nationwide. Parties are a part of college life, but partying too hard can also mean charges for underage drinking, supplying to minors, drinking on campus or even driving under the influence. For athletes, a conviction on any of these charges can be particularly problematic because it might affect their ability to participate in university sports.

Likewise, arrests for possessing or selling drugs are also common among college students. Even as states are increasingly moving to legalize it, marijuana remains a federally controlled substance and is still illegal in Louisiana. Party drugs like MDMA (commonly known as “Molly”) have also become popular on college campuses. Even prescription drugs can result in criminal drug charges if used in a manner inconsistent with the doctor’s instructions or by someone other than the person to whom they were prescribed.

Both alcohol and drugs can play into sexual assault allegations. Dating and hookups happen during college, and college athletes might find themselves with an unusual number of admirers at social events. But a person who has been drinking or taking drugs might pressure a sexual partner more than he or she normally would. In addition, sometimes a person using drugs or alcohol consents to a sexual act only to wake up sober later either to regret the decision or not remembering that consent was given.

Contact a Baton Rouge criminal defense lawyer to stage a strong legal defense

Everyone experiments in college, and sometimes mistakes are made. College athletes are under added pressure, and can be particularly susceptible to slipping up when faced with tough decisions in a party atmosphere.

But, things are not always how they initially seem, and a youthful mistake should not impair a bright future and a successful college athletics career. If you are in college and have been charged with a crime, or if your son or daughter is in legal trouble, do everything you can to prevent an unduly harsh punishment: get in touch with a Baton Rouge criminal defense attorney today.

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