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Did you know that the crime of vehicular homicide in Louisiana carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence of three to five years and can even result in up to 30 years in a state prison? The state has recently reclassified vehicular homicide as a crime of violence. This means that upon conviction, a person will have to serve at least 85 percent of the sentence. The state has also changed the law to have sentences run consecutively, that is one after another, instead of concurrently if more than one person is killed. The legislature and law enforcement take this offense very seriously.

In fact, often the difference between a conviction, a lesser charge or a dismissal is determined by the difficult areas of evidence used in these cases. It is extremely critical to have criminal defense attorneys experienced in these types of cases and familiar with the concepts of the law, as well as the types of evidence relied upon, on your side if you are facing any type of vehicular homicide charge.

Effective criminal defense representation can often have significant impact on the outcome of the case. At the Baton Rouge law firm of Damico & Stockstill, Attorneys at Law, we provide thorough representation for drivers charged with serious vehicular crimes. We have the trial advocacy skills, investigative resources, and negotiating acumen needed. Contact us today to learn more during a free initial consultation.

Evaluating the Evidence Properly Is Key in These Cases

Damico & Stockstill has represented dozens of defendants in these types of cases all over the state of Louisiana. These cases have involved clients accused of operating motor vehicles as well as recreational watercraft. In addition, our experienced attorneys have represented numerous clients involved in multiple victim cases.

Experience with vehicular homicide cases has allowed the firm to understand as well as retain experts in the difficult evidence areas of toxicology and accident reconstruction. These are two areas that are vital in the proper defense of these cases. Our lawyers know how to question crime lab professionals and procedures as well as other key evidentiary matters that cases turn on. We know how to properly challenge evidence when needed and how to battle for our clients in and out of court.

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